Traditional turkey sandwich

Variety of cold cuts and cheese

From the traditional Turkey Sandwich created by Don Gabino Torres in the '40 year, until but exotics plates of the International Kitchen, happening through but the complete variety of simples, triples, specials and clasics sandwiches.

All the classical varieties of pizzas and specialties of our pizzero teacher,
including the vegetarian versions and calzones.

Empanadas, variety of tables of cold cuts, cheeses and meals; tortillas, omelettes, salads, milanese, supreme, chickens, meats, grill, risottos, fish, pigs and homemade pastes.
Variety in Fine Wines, national and concerned Beers and Appetizers, Champagnes and Sidras, Drinks, Whiskys and Cognacs.

It completes coffee shop that includes special breakfasts, cold coffe artisan or warms up
and the greater variety in cake shop and confectioner's.

Trianón Snack Bar
- Restaurant
Buenos Aires - Argentina