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Boedo's Trianón
A neighborhood legend

Trianon was opened as a tearoom in 1940 and soon became the scene of the Boedo neighborhood that intellectuals and athletes chose to talk and discuss. San Lorenzo's campaign, the Second World War, the health of President Ortiz ... The first store, run by its owners, Don Gabino Torres and his wife Mary, was in the corner of Boedo and San Ignacio's alley. It became famous not only for its customers, but also the house specialty, the turkey sandwich, which gave excellent reputation throughout the city.
Forty-four years after being opened, the local left corner and reopened in San Ignacio. There his new owner, Don Salvador Sersale, added new items to the traditional proposal. Trianon now works as a bakery, pastry, sandwich shop, pizzeria and restaurant and each of their products and services meet high quality standards. The reasons for this not only wisdom and experience of teachers and chefs, but also machinery and ovens latest afforded by delicate textures, exact points of cooking and flavors perfect.
Trianon is a living tradition of Boedo neighborhood of writers, dreamers and poets. A legend cultivated with love by current drivers, who give you a warm welcome to the pleasure of the senses and the excitement of history.




Old corner of Boedo and San Ignacio.

View showing Confiteria Trianon in San Ignacio's alley.

Actual view in its location of Boedo Ave.

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Trianón Snack Bar
- Restaurant
Buenos Aires - Argentina